The Treasure Valley City Forest Credits Program is a collaboration between the Treasure Valley Canopy Network (Network), City Forest Credits (a national non-profit registry), local municipalities and innovative corporate partners that facilitates increased investments in our region’s community forest. Through strategic tree planting and stewardship, these investments will return immense benefit to the region’s environment and people with clean air, clean water and positive human health impacts.

On Earth Week 2019, we launched a week-long fundraising campaign with Bittercreek Alehouse & Cauze. This campaign was the first opportunity for individual donors to participate in our program and 32 private donors raised over $1,000, becoming the foundation for our City Forest Credits Program! As we continue to seek a long-term local Sustainability Partner, we recognize the impact that individual donors can play in our program. For that reason, we continue to accept individual donations of all sizes, ensuring anyone and everyone can play a part in building a healthy and vibrant Treasure Valley!


PARTNERS: Boise, Meridian and Nampa

TREES: Over 600 trees will be planted in 6 municipal parks (project map)

VALUE: Over the next 25 years, these trees will produce $360,000 in environmental, social and human health benefits and up to $700,000 in benefits over the next 50 years.

STATUS: The Network’s project application was accepted by the City Forest Credits Registry in October 2018. We are currently soliciting a Sustainability Sponsor interested in purchasing over 1,300 City Forest Carbon+ credits at a value of $50,000.



Treasure Valley Forest Carbon Assessment

In 2017, The Nature Conservancy in Idaho and Ecosystem Sciences Foundation partnered to develop the Treasure Valley Forest Carbon Assessment. The assessment helps us better understand how the current community forest mitigates regional carbon impacts and how future investments in tree planting, care and recycling can sustain more resilient natural resources and economies within our region. The Treasure Valley City Forest Credits Program was developed as a key recommendation from this regional carbon assessment.

Key Findings

  • Project partners planted over 8,200 trees since 2013.

  • After 25 years, these trees can store 15,200 metric tons of CO2. This is an amount equivalent to taking 5,400 Treasure Valley drivers off the roads for one year.

  • If these plantings had earned carbon credits, they would be worth between $304,200 and $532,400, which could have been used to support planting and maintenance costs.

Treasure Valley Tree Canopy Benefits - Ecosystem Sciences Foundation

Treasure Valley Tree Canopy Benefits - Ecosystem Sciences Foundation

Key Recommendations

  • The Treasure Valley Canopy Network (Network) will work with existing partners to find additional resources for community tree planting and maintenance.

  • The Network will begin documenting the value of carbon and co-benefits (stormwater, energy and air quality) from tree planting projects throughout the Treasure Valley.

  • The Network will facilitate strategic planting projects with partners to secure City Forest Credits sold to local corporate sponsors.


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