Treasure Valley Shade Tree update to Map the Canopy

Tree canopy reduces energy consumption in buildings by providing shade during summer months. Since 2013, Idaho Power in conjunction with the Treasure Valley Canopy Network (Network) has been offering a Shade Tree Program to Treasure Valley homeowners.  Under this program, Idaho Power Company and the Network have distributed over 4,000 trees to homeowners in the Treasure Valley. These trees will reduce residential energy consumption, but they do so much more.  Trees intercept rain which reduces stormwater runoff, improves air quality and beautifies streets, homes and neighborhoods.  
The new Treasure Valley Shade Tree layer presented in Map The Canopy showcases the number of shade trees planted per census block.  The number of trees planted per census block ranges from 1 to 19. One of the most exciting aspects of the Shade Tree Program is its geographic scope. The shade trees planted all throughout the Treasure Valley will mature over time and provide so many additional benefits to homeowners beyond the reduced energy consumption that they are designated for.