The Treasure Valley Canopy Network (Network) is a public-private partnership that collaborates to inform sustainable development of healthy and vibrant Treasure Valley cities. Here is a brief progression of how the Network has grown into a locally supported partnership that is having a positive impact on our region and its urban forest.

  • 2009 -- Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) - Community Forestry Program, convened a diverse team of Treasure Valley partners to discuss opportunities for addressing challenges facing our rapidly growing communities. These challenges included: clean water, clean air, stormwater management, energy use, economic development, and planned growth.  
  • 2011 -- IDL and its team of Treasure Valley partners were awarded a grant form the US Forest Service to gather key data and contribute to solutions toward overcoming these challenges through enhanced planning and management.
  • 2013 -- Treasure Valley partners, working with the geospatial technology firm Plan-It Geo, produced an urban tree canopy assessment and geospatial tools.  These data and tools allow planners and managers to develop and manage the urban forest strategically – maximizing benefits and reducing overall costs, resulting in healthier, more vibrant communities. 
  • 2014 -- Partners formed the Treasure Valley Canopy Network, a group of professionals who serve communities of the Treasure Valley by collaborating on projects and programs that are building and maintaining our urban forest resource. From 2014 - 2017, Network coordination and facilitation was financially supported by Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) Community Forestry Program and the US Forest Service.
  • 2018 -- Contributing members provide annual financial support for Network coordination and facilitation. This growth into a locally supported member organization, hosted by our non-profit partners at Ecosystem Sciences Foundation, was a critical step in the evolution of a long-term successful public-private partnership.